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               Sales Analysis


    Malibu provides a robust sales reporting system, including 
        multi-level sales analysis by company, region, district, store, 
        department, class group, class, vendor, style, color
        and size analysis.  Malibu provides powerful reporting 
        capabilities from pre-coded Malibu reports as well as from Malibu's sophisticated sales 
        report writer.   Reporting can be established by user, so that reports can be preset to 
        a personalized specification, to include only the desired data in the proper format and to 
        the user's printer.

        Malibu's sales report writer provides for virtually ten's of thousands of reports, 
        easily created by users with a comparatively minor amount of training.   Reports can
        be "catalogued" for repeated use.  Sales reports can be created interactively, or
        processed in batch processes from catalogs.  

        Multiple level reporting - 
                Store/ Department/Class Group/Class/Style
        Style/color/size identification, as desired
        Generic SKUs
        Sophisticated  report writer & inquiries
        Vendor and Style (item) analysis
        Sophisticated data base and history capability 
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