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     Receiving & Distribution     
Malibu's Receiving and distribution module provides for the receiving, distribution and
replenishment of store inventory.  Receiving can be at a store (store direct) or at a
distribution center.   Receipts can be input with or without a related purchase order.  
Malibu provides an optional one-step receiver/transfer process we call transceiving 
(or cross-docking), which eliminates many otherwise redundant and time consuming processes.
        Can receive by exception
Receive with or without a PO
Create tags for merchandise received
Receiver inquiries
Implied receipts option
One-step transceiving
Cost and price changes at time of receipt
Price changes activated by receipt of merchandise
Receiver screen shows remaining on order
Warns if past cancel date
Tracks multiple receipts against order
Search receivers by PO, receiver number, vendor, location or SKU, then report using up to 12 different
       sort combinations, at either the style or SKU level, in either units, cost or retail dollars
PO/Receiver matching inquiry
Comprehensive recaps and controls
PO/Receiver/Invoice Audit
Cost-To-Retail Analysis 
Search PO's by (or combination of):  PO #, vendor, PO date, SKU, style, store, buyer, operator, receipt
    date, cancel date, season, PO status; then report in detail, or by month for department, or vendor in
    cost, retail or units
Returns to vendor processing
       Pick lists, Bills of lading, Shipment summaries
       Suggested transfers
       Status tracking of receiving, distribution process
       Bar coded tracking documents
       Interactive and batch hang tag (merchandise label) generation
       Redistribution of pre-distributed purchase orders
       Distribution patterns
       Automated replenishment
       Replenish by Sales, or rate of sales      
       Replenish by Model Stock                  
       Distribution formula generator
        Bin Management (Optional)
              Complete bin management/inquiry
              Bin replenishment, bulk to primary by rate of movement
              Automated bin size optimization
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