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     Purchase Order
Malibu's Purchase Order Management module provides for the input and tracking of purchase orders. 
Malibu provides for shipment directly to stores, distribution center, or intermediate shipment to a 
distribution center (i.e. pre-pack) for distribution to stores.  Purchase orders can be generated 
automatically using Malibu's replenishment features, and orders can be placed with the vendors, 
using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).  As a by-product of the purchase order input, Malibu can create 
the SKU definitions, produce store and warehouse receiver documents, update the database "on-order" 
file, and retain the purchase order information pending receipt of goods and vendor invoicing.


    Can assign SKU's as a by-product of Purchase Order input
       Input by SKU or style
       Pattern allocation for store distribution
       Easy correction of purchase orders
       Automated merchandise tag printing
       Cross reference of purchase orders to vendor sales order
       Specification of retail price on purchase order
       Options:  Algorithm pricing, Automatic assignment of: P.O. number and SKU number 
       Sophisticated inquiries and reports, by store, by season, by buyer, by vendor, by date select, etc.
       Default price/cost lookup
       Inputs by SKU or style/size spreadsheet
       En masse closing of purchase orders
       Easy purchase order "copy" features
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