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Q: What type of retailers does Malibu Systems work with?

A: Malibu Systems works with a variety of retailers in both the hard and soft good specialty arenas. 

Malibu's GT POS Point of Sale system is at home in most specialty stores, certainly any store you would find in a mall or museum type environment.  It is also used in larger free standing stores, with 5 or more registers in each store.

Malibu's HQ (headquarters) Retail System is equally at home in soft or hard goods environment.  Again, almost any store in a mall, or museum, or free standing specialty stores will likely find Malibu is well suited to their requirements.  

Malibu's HQ system provides for a style oriented system, by color and size in three dimensions for apparel and shoes, and a SKU oriented system for hard goods specialty stores.


Q: How large should a retailer be to best utilize the Malibu System?

A: Malibu's HQ (Headquarters) System is available as a turnkey in-house solution, or is available using Malibu System's Outsource Service. 

Generally, to justify an in-house system, a retail chain would earn at least $ 5 million in sales annually, or have at least 5 stores.  The exception is for large stores, such as in the case of Museums, and large free-standing stores, for example.   The HQ System can address the needs of chains up to several hundred stores.  

The out-source solution is best suited for retailers that do not have in-house systems and/or computer expertise, and prefer to have the facilities management contracted outside.  Some of our smaller out source accounts have annual revenues of under $ 3 million.   Out source users could grow to several hundred stores using the out source service. 

Some retailers prefer to start by using the out-source service, then as they grow, move the system in-house.  With the high speed connections available today, the decision of in-house versus out source is largely financial in nature.

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