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System Support and Maintenance

Malibu provides ongoing System Support and Maintenance


Malibu provides consulting services relating to system design, system implementation and planning


Malibu provides complete training in all aspects of its systems, at either the client site, or at the offices of Malibu Systems


Malibu provides installation services at varying levels, depending on client requirements

Outsource Services

Facilities Management

Malibu provides the central computer, facilities and personnel to operate, maintain and support the computer.  

Data Entry

Malibu provides data entry services for ongoing data entry, and to supplement client staff in times of heavy workloads, such as at the time of startup.


Malibu provides polling services to the server located at Malibu Systems.  This service is available as an ogoing service, or as a back up service.

Disaster Recovery

Malibu provides for disaster recovery for all or key parts of systems.  All system elements can be backed up, and made available to Malibu, to provide for disaster recovery.

Equipment Staging

Malibu provides equipment staging services, such as for equipment with many accessories, such as with point of sale equipment.  Malibu assembles, loads, repackages and tests the equipment.

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